Turret Sleeves Company can solve your problems.

Our sleeving process can restore your existing punch press to OEM specifications at a cost which is substantially lower than that of replacing the upper turret disk.

Turret Sleeves Company has developed a sleeving process for the upper turret disk on your AMADA punch press that is a permanent solution to upper turret disk bore wear.  This process can help you maintain the tolerances you require while producing quality parts your customers demand.

Customer Testimonial

"The Turret Guy helped us save over $100,000 by fitting our Amada Punch Press with Perma Sleeves. The process was super simple and they were in and out of here during our normal down time which made it extra convenient since we didn't have to slow production time to accomodate them. I highly recommend giving The Turret Guy a call before you consider replacing your Amada Press. It will save you a ton of money and your press will run like new again. "

Amada Service & Repair

Turret Sleeves Company has been your Punch Press Specialists since 1984.

Because we developed this process and have been using it ever since, we have more experience and knowledge regarding the sleeving process than any other company. 

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Featured Article

Repairing a punch press turret disk with sleeving is a quick, affordable and reliable alternative to the expense of replacing an entire turret disk.


Featured Article

A turret press is an expensive machine, but repairing it doesn't have to break the bank. Click here to learn more about the repair process.